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Going through betrayal trauma is a very isolating experience.

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It’s hard to talk to others about what you are going through because they just don’t “get it.” I get it, I have lived it, and I am here to help you find your own roadmap to healing.

Self confidence can be damaged when you’ve been betrayed by a partner. You feel lost in how to get your confidence back, and you just don’t know where to start. You will gain confidence in yourself, and leave every session–even the first session–feeling ready to take on the world again. You will heal. And you will lead a confident life. Don’t put your healing off a day longer. You deserve this care. You deserve a confident future.

Schedule your 60 minute call now. During this call we will discuss where you are in your healing journey, and where you want to go. We will talk about some of the simple, yet profound ways we get there. And you will leave with tools to start using RIGHT AWAY. You’re ready for this. Now is the time for this healing!

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I know there are so many demands on your time.

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And yet, I know that when you make your own healing a priority, it helps so many other areas of your life. Imagine so much of your brain space cleared up so it isn’t always thinking about the trauma and hurt of the past. When you make yourself a priority, the rest of your life gets better.

I know that the thought of spending money on yourself, when there are so many demands on every dollar you earn, can be very difficult. As a single mom to 3, I get how scary it can be to make yourself a priority. Yet I can tell you first hand that when I started to really put my needs first, and focused on my healing, everything got better. I was a better employee, and ultimately made more money. Breaking free from the pain of where you are can open new doors for you. You must put yourself first! You know you’re worth it!

so many demands on your time

Working with Kendra has definitely been a blessing. She has a very talented and unique way of educating, validating your personal experiences; while also holding you accountable in a loving way; which is needed so you don’t fall into bad habits in your healing journey; and truly be able to move forward!

– K.S.

You’re ready!

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