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My name is Kendra Last. I’m a life coach and author of the book Journaling to Recovery: A Reference Guide to Healing from Betrayal Trauma. I have been working in the betrayal recovery world for almost a decade. I found myself in this world like many of you, after discovering my husband’s pornography addiction and then was left to decide what to do afterwards. I went to every conference and retreat I could find. I read all the books. I finally went to therapy and learned to trust myself again. In learning to trust myself I started writing more. I’ve always been an avid journaler and became keenly aware of the healing benefits of writing my thoughts and experiences down. And I started helping others. Once you find yourself in this world you find “your people.” The ones you can be wholly honest with! The ones that help you and who you want to help. And so, I wrote my journaling guidebook for other women to help them along their path! It has been compiled with love and care. My hope is that this journaling guidebook will become a vital partner in your healing journey.

I found Life Coaching

After writing my book, I found life coaching.

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I got married a second time. No, he was no porn addict, I would learn after we got married, he was a Covert Narcissist. That is a whole new brand of ugly hell that I had to navigate myself through. As I was struggling in this marriage, I reached out to a trusted friend who had just finished her life coach training. She taught me about “The Model” and how our brains work. She taught me that our thoughts create our feelings and suddenly, I was so much freer. I learned little by little to work with my brain to find the happiness I needed. It gave me strength to leave an abusive marriage and I decided that this work that had helped me so much was the work I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

What you see here now is the culmination of years of work

in the recovery world and training from The Life Coach School.

I combined it with all the experience of going to dozens of retreats to create Luxury Ladies Retreats & Life Coaching. Where we combine luxury retreats with the power of the life coach model to be able to create fast results and change that lasts. If you are ready for some real change, I invite you to come to a retreat or sign up for one-on-one coaching. Both start with a short 30-minute call with me to discuss which one might be right for you. I’m excited to help you create the results and the life you want and deserve. And even better if we can do it together, in the sun, in Cancun Mexico!