How Will I Know if I’m Ready for Life Coaching?

If you are asking yourself if you’re ready for Life Coaching, chances are, YES you’re ready.  However, I’m guessing that an answer that comes so quickly will not settle your mind, so let’s dive deeper to help you really answer this question for yourself.

You are the expert of you!!  You are the only human on this planet that is qualified to tell you what you need!  So I’m NOT going to tell you WHAT to do.  As a Life Coach I act as a guide, helping women understand their brains, so they can make the best decisions possible for themselves.  

Here’s the thing: our human brains are pretty bad at identifying what is true very quickly.  For instance, our brains offer us thoughts all day long, many of which are not true, and yet we usually don’t even question the thoughts.  Our brain thought them, so they must be true, right?  Wrong.

For instance, after a conversation with a coworker you might have the thought “I don’t think they really liked my idea, they didn’t really ask me many questions or tell me they liked it.”  And we just accept that as the truth.  The other person didn’t like the idea.  And maybe that’s true, but are there any other possibilities?  Did you actually ask them if they liked the idea?  What if they walked away thinking, “That is the best idea that has come from our team this year.  This is going to be so big for her!  I’m excited to hear what others think too!”  What if she didn’t give you much feedback because she was in such shock at the amazing idea?!

There are actually so many options for why your coworker was quiet, but we usually don’t investigate the reason, we just accept the first thought that comes to us.  Imagine what would happen if the woman with the idea didn’t share it with anyone else because she was convinced the first coworker didn’t like it?!

I’ll give you an example from my personal life.  I was hanging out with my friend the other night and we were watching a movie together.  I had said something, and she didn’t respond, and was looking at her phone.  The thought my brain offered me was, “She doesn’t want to be here.  She’d rather be on her phone than hanging out with me.”  I could instantly feel this pit in my stomach after thinking that thought.  A few minutes later she told me she had just gotten a text that a family member was critically ill, and her thoughts were elsewhere.  

Of course she hadn’t heard what I said; she was reading very distressing news!  So why did my brain offer me the other thought first?  Because it was doing what human brains do.  Now, if we understand that our brains will offer us thoughts that are not true, we can be more aware, to hopefully question our thoughts when they come.

This thought work is the foundation of the work I do with my clients.  We work together to identify thought errors, correct them, and then learn how to think different thoughts intentionally.

Coaching work is different from therapy.  As a coach I help you actively investigate and change your thoughts, which changes your feelings, which then change your actions, to create the results you want in your life.  It gives you the ultimate power in your life.

Truly there is no better way to create the life you want and deserve, than to understand your brain and live with intention, and create powerful thoughts on purpose.  I know this work personally.  During my second divorce I had a life coach who helped me see thought errors, old beliefs that weren’t serving me, and for the first time learned that thoughts were optional and I could change them.  Working with her made a huge difference for me.

In fact, it was the work I did with her that inspired me to go back to school to become a certified life coach.  I love helping other women navigate the often muddy waters of betrayal, by helping them understand their thoughts, build unbreakable self-confidence, which allows themselves to dream about the lives they want, and set the right boundaries to get there.

If you would like to take a deeper look at your thoughts, learn to set and hold healthy boundaries, work on developing a greater sense of self-confidence, or get help healing after betrayal, you are ready for life coaching!!

I am here and ready to help you!  Use THIS LINK to schedule a complimentary consultation call so you can experience some coaching and see if you are ready to begin coaching with me.  There is help, and there is hope, and it’s only a click away.  Schedule now!

If this post has resonated with you, and you’d like help finding your own emotional freedom, I’d love to help you.  I have devoted my Life Coaching practice to helping people just like you find freedom and happiness after betrayal.  Schedule a complimentary consultation call HERE to see if Life Coaching is right for you.  Taking this step will change your life.  Schedule your call today!

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