Overcome your Triggers Once and For All!

Are you tired of always being on the defense, just waiting for the next trigger to show up?  Does your life feel out of control because you never know when something will trigger you?  Has past trauma “ruined” things you used to enjoy doing?

If you said yes to any of those things, please know that you can make your life Trigger Free!.  What that looks like is being completely in control of your own thoughts and life, knowing that you might encounter triggers, but you will instinctively and automatically know what to do with them, so they no longer rule your life.  It’s taking back the power over your own life! 

You may have been to therapy for years trying to work on your triggers.  What likely happened was that the therapist took you back in your mind to events and traumas that caused the trigger.  That can be helpful to an extent, but it creates new, current thoughts and emotions about past events, and in essence keeps you stuck in the past. When I work with my coaching clients, we acknowledge where the triggers came from, examine what feelings and actions they have been creating, and then decide what the client wants their future to look like. This is work that I can do with you, too!  We only look to the past to learn what didn’t work.  We do not look to the past to find the solution, because it’s not there.  

Your mind is powerful, and looking only to the past to see what is possible for the future is not tapping into the amazing power you hold.  You literally can create the life and future you want.  It can be anything.  I have been helping my clients accomplish goals they never thought possible.  When you decide what you want, write it down, make a plan, and then take action, then even the most “impossible goals” will become a reality.

You don’t need to already know how to do this.  In fact if you knew how, you’d be doing it and wouldn’t need me.  I do know how to do it, and I guarantee I can help you too.

Imagine for a moment, a life without daily triggers?  How will you feel being trigger-free?  What will you be doing?  Why does it matter that you get rid of your triggers now, and not wait two more years?  What will happen if you do nothing and you face daily triggers forever?  What do you want to achieve in your life that you can’t do now because triggers are in the way?

I want you to imagine, to dream for a minute, what your life will look like when daily triggers have ZERO power over you.  Is that life you imagine for yourself something you really want?  Does it seem too good to be true, a life free of constant, debilitating triggers?  Lucky for you, I guarantee I can help you eliminate the emotional effects of your triggers.

Here’s the thing–other adult humans get to do whatever they want.  Thankfully, so do you and I.  So while I can’t guarantee that your ex will stop doing that thing that makes you so mad, and I can’t change what your boss does at work, or what other humans say, I CAN guarantee that I can help you make those things powerless in your life.

I know that this is possible, because it has worked in my life, and in the lives of my clients.  Things that used to upset me to the point of being in bed all day depressed, now barely register on my radar.  I am so in control of my thoughts that I just can’t be bothered by the actions of others.  

We will use a process that works for eliminating triggers from trauma, childhood, an ex, or any cause.  For instance, I used to be very triggered seeing other women in tank tops, “skimpy clothes” (even this description is my old judgment of them) and especially bikinis.  I developed this trigger because of thoughts about my ex’s pornography viewing, and was afraid that if I was in public with him and saw other women dressed this way, that it would mean he would be looking at and lusting after them.  This was a deep trigger I had for many years.  It especially made going to the beach very difficult emotionally for me.  But the beach is my “happy place”.  So as I started to do this work I knew I wanted to regain my self confidence going to the beach.  Using these Trigger Free steps I can say I absolutely LOVE going to the beach now, and go as often as I can!  And now instead of thoughts of dread about seeing women in bikinis I think “I’m so glad she is enjoying the sun, and loving her body.”  I can actually feel love for her.

Through this process I also realized that part of my resentment for women in bikinis was because there was something they had that secretly I wanted.  It wasn’t the body shape or size that I wanted, I wanted to feel as free as they did, to show up in my body exactly as I was, and feel joy at the beach.  I can honestly say that now, for the first time in my life, I truly love my body.  It is the body that has given me 3 beautiful children, can do so many amazing things, and has taken me to some pretty fantastic places.  And I take this body to the beach as often as I can, and let her enjoy the sun on her skin, and celebrate the other women who are showing up, and doing the same.  There is zero trigger left for me in this area.

You might be thinking, yes, I want to get rid of my triggers, but I don’t want to do it with my thoughts, I actually want the problem to stop.  I hear you, and I understand.  Let’s say the trigger has something to do with another person doing something.  It might seem like you are having to give them a free pass and “allow” them to continue to do the thing that triggers you.  You might feel they need to be punished for this behavior.  The hard truth of it is, that they get to do whatever they want anyways, we can’t control another person.  However, we CAN control ourselves, and there is so much freedom when we learn to hold on to our own power, and stop handing our power over to others.  Your ex, or anyone else does not deserve to have any power over you.  Today is the day that stops.  Right now.  

The freedom that you find when you own your own power, take full responsibility for your own thoughts and actions is when the triggers lose their power over you.  I promise there is a beautiful life waiting for you, full of freedom!  Your life can be Trigger Free.  You can have full trigger repellent on at all times.  You really can have the life of your dreams, and I would love to help get you there.

I currently have a limited amount of spots for new clients.  Your first session is a $99, 60 minute Mindset Makeover where I show you just how we disarm the triggers in your life.  By the end of this first session you will already have one less trigger in your life.  Then you will get to decide if you’d like to keep working with me.  If you choose to continue you will get weekly sessions with me for 6 months.  We will work on triggers and their causes, setting and holding healthy boundaries, taking back your power in all areas of your life, creating meaningful and positive relationships with others, restoring your self-confidence and self love, learning to make decisions you are totally sure of, setting and achieving goals and more!  At the end of these 25 weeks together you will have experienced a powerful transformation.  Guaranteed!  In fact, I guarantee that you will feel this transformation start from the first session, or I will refund your $99.  

So if you are ready to take back your life, and live Trigger-Free, use the link here to schedule your 60 min Mindset Makeover session and start your transformation now.  I can’t wait to see what we create together!  See you soon!

For a Trigger Free 60 min Mindset Makeover click HERE!

If this story has resonated with you, and you’d like help finding your own emotional freedom, I’d love to help you.  I have devoted my Life Coaching practice to helping people just like you find the freedom and happiness I now enjoy.  I’ve been in your shoes, and I know it can be hard to find help.  No worries, I’m here and ready to help you.  Schedule a 60 minute Mindset Makeover call to learn new tools you can put to use right away, that will help you make clear choices in your relationship and help you find emotional freedom.  I believe in YOU and I’m excited to share these tools with you.  Sign up for your Mindset Makeover, and start living a Trigger-Free life HERE.

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