Family Retreat January 23-29, 2023 FAQ-Everything You Want to Know-

Family Retreat Q&A

Answers to all the questions we have gotten about our next retreat, happening January 23-29, 2023 in sunny Cancun, Mexico!

To see the basics about the retreat go to:

1.Q-What topics will you cover at the retreat?

A-Each day we have a daily theme.  Some of the topics we cover are: Understanding your Mind, Law of Attraction, Self Love, Letting Go, Releasing Negative Emotions, Setting Goals, Stepping into your Power, Creating the Future you Want, and making a plan to go home.

2.Q-Are the kids having their own sessions or will they be with me when I am talking about my trauma?

A-The youth have their own sessions, where they are taught about the same daily topic as the adults, but taught in a way they understand.

3.Q-What if I can’t bring my kids or they are grown?  Can I still come?

A-Absolutely!  You can come whether you have kids or not, or whether they can come with you or not.  (You just might get a little extra relaxation time in the pool.  Oh darn!  Ha!)

4.Q-I have dietary restrictions, how will you handle that?

A-One of the reasons we have selected the resort that we have is because they are so good at handling a variety of dietary needs.  There are chefs there that will make your food without an allergen, can tell you what on the menu is Keto friendly, or answer any dietary questions you may have.

5.Q-What age of kids can come?  Can I bring my mom too (to help watch the kids?)

A- The short answer is 4 years old and older.  The reason for this is that the Kid’s Club is available for 4-12 year olds and that is the childcare during the adult sessions.  Now, if you have a nursing baby they would be welcome to come with you to your sessions, but a moving around toddler would be a distraction to you or others.  The other option is the second question, yes, you can bring another adult to watch your littles if you have kids under 4, as long as the total number of people in your room is 4 or less.  Meaning you can bring another adult to help watch 1-2 kids.

6.Q-Do I have to be divorced?  What If I’ve already remarried?

A-Yes and no.  This retreat is primarily for single, divorced parents and their kids.  It would also be appropriate for a widow and their kids.  It could also be healing for a couple who have both experienced divorce and are now remarried.  However, this retreat is NOT for couples who have experienced betrayal and are trying to working things out together.  A couples retreat would be a better fit for you.

7.Q-We don’t have passports yet, is there still time to get them?

A-Yes there is still time.  Go to From there you can determine which application you need and if you will need to expedite them or not.  If you have any additional questions or need help, I’m happy to help.

8.Q-Is it only for single moms?  What about single dads?

A-This retreat is for either/both.  

9.Q-I’m nervous about international travel with my kids.

A-I think that is very normal.  Here’s what I can tell you.  We have picked this location specifically because of how safe I feel like it is.  I walk you through every single step you will take from the moment your plane lands, to you going through customs and getting your bags.  I arrange your transportation from the airport to the hotel and back.  The hotel has great security and only hotel guests are allowed anywhere on the premises.  I have brought my own kids to this resort multiple times and I feel totally safe having them there.

10.Q-It’s says “all-inclusive”, is it really?  What is really included in the price?  Does it include airfare?  What hidden costs are there?

A-Most of this is answered , in detail, at the bottom of the retreat sales page:

As far as any “hidden fees”, I’d say that the only thing that isn’t 100% spelled out is that 6 digital prints are included in the price of the retreat.  The photographer will show you all the photos taken, and let you choose which ones you would like, and I will cover the cost of those 6.  They will give you the option to buy more or all of the other photos, but there is no pressure to do so.  They are usually a great price, but it is totally ok to just pick the 6 free ones.

Other than that, as stated on the website, the only things not covered are your passport, airline tickets, travel insurance which is usually about $150/family-it’s optional but I recommend it, any shopping you do in the gift shop, or services you book in the spa.

11.Q-What are these evening activities like?  My kids generally go to bed early.

A-Every night the resort puts on some sort of entertainment/show.  They are fun, entertaining, and totally optional.  2 of the nights we have our own parties/activities.  Although technically they are optional (as is everything during the retreat), I highly recommend you attend these.  They are extremely fun AND designed with a healing purpose and plan.

12.Q-I’m worried about being too vulnerable around other people, what are the sessions like?

A-This is a really natural feeling for any event or situation like this.  This is my promise to you.  If you show up, and are ready to fully participate, I will give you and the other attendees a safe space for everyone to share and heal together.  Bonding happens very quickly and you will quickly forget all about this fear.

13.Q-Why is it in Cancun?  Can’t it be in the US for easier travel?

A-I love this question because I love telling people about the intention behind the retreat.  It is very intentional that I planned this far away from your everyday life.  It is also very intentional that it is at an all-inclusive resort, allowing you to only focus on the things that really matter.  I don’t want you to focus on the price of lunch, or if your kids want another ice cream cone.  I want your mind freed up to be able to focus and heal.  Having somewhere sunny all year is also an important part of why we chose Cancun.  AND I want to keep it affordable for you.  So all of these things combined make this the PERFECT place for you and your kids to heal together.

I would love to have YOU and your kids at our next retreat. There is still a spot for you. Schedule a FREE zoom call to get all your questions answered HERE.

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