Let me help you heal from Betrayal Trauma while lying in the sun!

Feb 9-15, 2023 Cancun, Mexico

This retreat is ALL-INCLUSIVE!

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There are so many extras that I’ve added to this retreat that it is BEYOND all-inclusive.  Come let us pamper you as you heal, in the sun!

Do you feel like you are a whole different


Do you feel like you are a whole different person after discovering your partner’s betrayal?

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Do you have a hard time doing the things you used to love to do? Do you feel like your self confidence has taken a hit? I hear you. What you are experiencing is very normal. You are not alone. At this retreat we will combine the powerful tools of Life Coaching with specially planned activities to put our learning to use and create a beautiful transformation in all of us. 

What would your life look like if you had complete confidence in yourself? If you could let go of the pain of the past and move forward with clarity and sure in the decisions you make, what would you decide to do? If you are ready to find out what your life looks like when you take it from good to great, then this is the time for you to come on retreat. That is the work we will be doing. You will go home a renewed and transformed woman, ready to create your new, best life. Below are a few of the topics we will be discussing. We will not just be sitting in class all day. We will be putting learning into action with fun activities and making big movements.

Special Guest

About Yvette Cīrule

Yvette is a published author, speaker and Love Yourself – Heal Your Life® leader based in Scotland.

Same as you, she has spent many years looking for love and happiness outside of herself until she discovered the work of Louise Hay.

She has since made it her mission to empower men and women around the world to take charge of their life.

She regularly holds Love Yourself – Heal Your Life® workshops and retreats to share the philosophy of Louise Hay.

Yvette is a living example of the power of self love and self acceptance.

Yvette Cirule
Love Yourself - Heal Your Life®

About the Workshop

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This workshop has been running worldwide for almost three decades and in that time changed thousands of lives. It was created by Louise L. Hay – bestselling author of Love Yourself, Heal Your Life®, globally renowned motivational teacher and self-help pioneer.

Love Yourself – Heal Your Life® Workshop is fully interactive and is a combination of reflective exercises, guided meditations, practical exercises and group discussions.

Love Yourself – Heal Your Life® Workshop creates a safe space for you to let go of past pain, understand the beliefs that are holding you back and learn how to tune into your inner wisdom and create a healthy and loving relationship with the most important person in your life – yourself.

Our Intentions for the Retreat

Experience a rapid transformation back to your strong, joyus and wonderful self!

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Relaxing & Activities

Do you find yourself exhausted from “decision-making burnout?”

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Well, this is the week for you. I have taken care of all the arrangements for the entire week. The only decision you will have to make is what drink you want. OK, you’ll have to pick the food you want to eat, but there are not price tags attached to any of it, so the decisions will feel light and easy. Let me take some of your mental load for a week away from decisions so your mind is free to do the important work of healing.

You will also have plenty of time to relax and refresh. You will have every afternoon to do whatever you like. You can sit in a beach chair next to the ocean, take a dip in one of the many pools, write in your journal, take a walk on the beach, take a nap, hang out with your new friends, taste test the new daily flavors of macarons in the sweet shop, or anything else your heart desires. You will truly get to kick back and relax!
Just remember your sunscreen!

You are a busy woman!

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There is so much going on that it’s easy to get too busy to make your own healing a priority. Because the hurt has been so great, it’s overwhelming to think about all the work you will have to put into your own healing. It really can feel like a lot.

When our partner has betrayed us it is easy to be upset with them and think they need to fix this problem they created. We stay in our anger, stuck. It’s not a hopeful place to be in. And you don’t have to stay there any longer!! You can break free from their betrayal, AND it can be simple.

What if I told you that not only would you experience impactful emotional healing that lasts, but you could do that work while sitting on the beach, in the sun, with a drink in your hand. You wouldn’t have to make any decisions for a whole week because everything was taken care of for you: your food, activities, classes, and luxury lodging. Your wallet would stay put away and you wouldn’t have to stress about anything all week because it was all-inclusive. Getting rid of all those everyday worries frees your mind to do some amazing healing. Click below to schedule a call to learn all about our fabulous, worry-free retreats.

I’m excited to share with you what is possible,

and all the fun you will have at one of our retreats.

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Join me in a free 30 minute call to see pictures and hear all about how life-changing, powerful, and natural your healing can be.

I can give you a list, which happens to be VERY LONG, of all the things that are included in the retreats. However, it is so much better to see photos, get your questions answered and feel the difference a retreat can make in your life. You will be able to make a very clear decision about whether a retreat is right for you after our call together. It will be a fun, and informative 30 minutes!

Click below to schedule your free 30 minute call to learn all about what will be the most relaxing week of your life!

share with you what's possible

This is an all-inclusive retreat!

The transformation and recovery you’ll experience on this retreat is the best part, of course. But to make it even better, we’ve included all the extras and pampering you could want to make this Cancun retreat unforgettable. 

Coaching and Facebook (1)


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Worried about falling back into old patterns when you go back home? Want a great way to stay connected with your new best friends? I’ve got you covered! 

As part of the retreat package you will also get 2 free one-on-one and 6 weekly group Life Coaching sessions with me, to use anytime in the first 4 months of returning home. 

You will also be invited to a private Facebook group to allow us all to stay connected and check in with each other. This will be a fun place to hang out, get support, continue learning, and celebrate each other.


Included in the retreat are six luscious nights at the stunning Beach Palace Resort

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Lagoon view rooms. February 9-15, 2023. This all-Inclusive resort sits right on Cancun’s world-famous teal water, white sand beach. The sand is just steps away from your nicely appointed lagoon view room.

With 6+ restaurants, snack bars and many bars you will never be hungry or thirsty. With 6 pools and 2 hot tubs, and the warm beach water, you will never want for a refreshing dip in the water. And with approx. 100+ beach chairs in the sand, you are almost always guaranteed a beach chair where you can listen to the waves. 

Beach Palace Resort

Food & Drinks

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Ok, let’s just talk about the food for a moment. I don’t know about you, but for ME, I travel for the food. I experience the world one taste at a time. You could stay here for months, eat something new at every meal and never eat the same thing twice. There are SO MANY options. And everything is included (with the exception of a couple things like lobster tail.) We will get a private, fancy, plated meal for our awards night. For breakfast you can choose between room service (which you can order the day ahead if you like), the sweets shop with a fresh crepe and coffee or the international buffet where there’s endless options that rotate each day, or fresh made omelets or eggs and waffles or pancakes. At lunch the buffet has made-to-order pasta or fajitas. I seriously never get tired of these fajitas!! They are HEAVEN! The salad bar is amazing and there are so many yummy tropical fruits and veggies available every meal. The buffet is different at breakfast, lunch and dinner, giving you endless options from around the globe. The 4 themed restaurants have menus and wait staff to make your meal special and exactly as you like it. With 4 course meals and dessert, every meal is fancy and indulgent. And if you somehow make it to your room and are still hungry, there is 24 hour room service as well. There’s no excuse to ever be hungry.

The dessert bar in the buffet is no joke. They employ professional pastry chefs and they make the most decadent desserts I’ve ever tasted. Anything from chocolate truffles to tangy fruit desserts, cake in every flavor, pudding to Crème Brûlée, you can literally have anything you like!

There seriously is an endless supply of yummy food.

food & drinks

You are going to feel like a QUEEN after eating like this for a week.

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All drinks are included. My personal favorites are the lavender lemonade at the Italian restaurant, passionfruit mocktail and a virgin mojito. There are just too many to list. Just ask one of the bartenders to fix you something fun and you just may get a drink you’ve never had before. Whether you like your drinks virgin, bloody or any other way, you will never be thirsty as ALL drinks are included.

feel like a queen

Luxurious Massage

Extra Pampering!

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A luxurious 50 minute spa massage is included with the retreat package. Your worries, mind blocks and muscle aches will melt away as every inch of you is carefully cared for. You deserve this pampering! You deserve to let someone else care for you for an hour. Healing touch will only add to your retreat healing!

Birthday party and awards night

Celebrating You

Birthday Party & Awards Night

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Women who have experienced betrayal trauma are often forgotten about or further traumatized on birthdays, holidays, or special events. The likelihood that you have felt less-than on a recent birthday is high. What about the last time you got to get all dressed up fancy? Like think Oscars or fancy award shows? Maybe a fancy work party or your wedding? 

I feel so strongly about helping women reclaim their birthdays and special holidays. At this retreat we will not just talk about it, we will do it. It is YOUR birthday!! 10 of your best friends are throwing you an 80’s/90’s themed party, so come ready to dress up. And you will walk the red carpet on the final night of the retreat and feel special at our awards show. These will be events to remember. 

You are going to feel so special! You DESERVE this! It is your time to learn the art of reclaiming the fun and celebrations that belong in your life.

Professional Photos

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to have the paparazzi follow you?

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Ok, maybe that sounds stressful, but what about just wanting some really nice photos of yourself? And there is no better location on the planet than the teal beaches of Cancun.

By the end of this week together you are going to feel like a new woman! And I have the perfect way for you to introduce this new woman to the world. You will get your own professional photoshoot of yourself, on the beach, as well as professional photos of the whole group together. So bring an outfit or two with you that you feel great in, and you’ll soon have new photos of yourself to use wherever you like. (If you end up loving more than 6 of your individual photos, you can select extra digital prints for just $10/ea. 

All photos will be digital files you can print and use however you like, with no watermark or company logo on them.

Professional photos


Once you land you will go through customs and get your passport stamped.

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You will need to keep the little page they stamp and put inside of it. You will need it to leave Mexico at the end of the retreat. After customs, you will proceed outside, past the rental car booths and taxi drivers. You will go to the Palace Resorts sign and they will take care of the rest. They will load your bags onto your shuttle van, and take you directly to the hotel. I’ve taken care of all the arrangements; all you have to do is give me your flight information and you’ll be well cared for. Make sure you get your ticket for Cancun (CUN) airport.

Swag bag

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I don’t want to toot my own horn too much here, but get ready for the ultimate swag bag! I want to tell you all about the fun things I have planned, but I also want there to be lots of fun surprises. 

swag bag 2

To summarize…

Here's what's included in the retreat:

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What's NOT included in the retreat:

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Now is the time to invest in YOU!  You are worth it!

Retreat investment

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Private Room (1 King size bed):


(Only 3 rooms)

Shared Room (2 Full size beds)


 (8 Spots/4 rooms)

Join us February 9-15, 2023 in Cancun, Mexico!


Money is always a problem

when we are dealing with single moms and women working on healing from trauma.

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There are so many stressors, and demands on every dollar. The value that is packed into these retreats is incredible! Literally every detail is taken care of from the moment that you arrive until the moment you leave. And I have added so many extras, like professional photos, massages, DJ’s and fancy parties without increasing the price to you. It will be both a vacation of a lifetime AND a week of healing. You can accomplish the same amount of work (and maybe more) in one week at your Luxury Retreat, than we can cram in 12 individual sessions. And you will do it on the sunny beaches of Cancun. When you look at all that is included it really is a great bargain. It is luxury and healing made affordable. Call today and see just how much you will get out of your week at retreat!

Early Bird Special!

Share a room with a friend and save $700 when booking early!

If you book a shared room with a friend before December 23, 2022, and both pay in full with Zelle, the cost is only $3800 per person! As a small business owner, I highly suggest using a Zelle transfer to pay for the retreat. It means we do not have to pay a 3% fee to process credit card payments, and I want to pass those savings directly on to you. I totally understand that you may choose to pay with a credit card and that is totally fine, too.